Last call for abstract submission!!!

// 19.10.2015

Dear colleagues!

Due to many requests, abstract submission for VII Latvian Gastroenterology Congress with International participation is extended till 05.11.2015.

We would like to encourage you to use this opportunity and submit your work. Abstracts will be peer-reviewed by International Scientific Committee of the Congress, consisting of opinion leaders in the field of gastroenterology. Best abstracts' authors will have an opportunity to transform their abstract to the manuscript and publish it in peer-reviewed journal „Experimental & Clinical Gastroenterology” (ISSN 1682-8658). 

Deadline for abstract submission

Dear colleagues! We would like to inform you that because of the high interest, the deadline for the abstract submission is extended till 03. 11. 2019.  

Par IX Latvijas Gastroenteroloģijas kongresu ar Starptautisku dalību

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Atvērta IX Latvijas Gastroenteroloģijas Kongresa ar Starptautisku dalību ON-LINE reģistrācija

Gastroenteroloģijas Atbalsta biedrībai un Gremošanas Slimību biedrībai ir gods Jums paziņot, ka ir atvērta IX Latvijas Gastroenteroloģijas Kongresa ar Starptautisku dalību ON-LINE reģistrācija.   Visiem kolēģiem, kuri reģistrēsies IX LGK būs...

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