New book in Gastroenterology

// 03.12.2009
Gastroenterology Support Society with utmost pleasure anounced the publication of new book in gastroenterology in latvian. Profesor Anatolijs Danilans presented new textbook "Chronic liver diseases" in two volumes.

Prof. A. Danilans: "Due to inscrutable caprice of nature, the liver appearance is uneventful. This organ is like bizzare chump with touchy inside, which lies in right upper quadrant of abdomen. In fact, under inconspicuous appearance is hiding very complex, rationally developed and admirable mechanism. It is difficult to say, guided by what star, I've started to write these books.

In the first book there is collected information about admirable working abilities and the most common liver damages (fatty liver).


In the second book You'll can find data on medicines, which damage the liver and autoimmune liver diseases (primary sclerosing cholongitis, primary biliar cirrhosis, autoimmune hepatitis) and also there are collected genetic liver diseases.(hemochromatosis, Wilson disease, porphyria and α1 antitrypsin defficiency)


Both volumes are connected tight. So, to find out what is going on in healty and sick liver, You should keep both books at hand."


Deadline for abstract submission

Dear colleagues! We would like to inform you that because of the high interest, the deadline for the abstract submission is extended till 03. 11. 2019.  

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