This Year new book in gastroenterology

// 06.09.2010
Gastroenterology Support Society with great pleasure wish to inform about the new book in the field of gastroenterology. Associate Professor Aldis Pukitis published a new book, "Digestion Disorders".

"There is often a situation, when abdomen problems make a person's life unbearable. It seems that in this age of severe stress, this problem is already an integral part of life. In the society dominates complaints of heartburn, nausea and bloating...", it is with this introduction and begins this book.

A new book by popular-scientific language describes the topics in which you want to understand each: a burning sensation behind the sternum, peptic ulcer disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease and cholelithiasis.

The book also contains a questionnaire of 26 questions, that has been tested in practice, to test acquired knowledge. It can help a person find out "is everything okay with the abdomen" or to visit the doctor. As pointed out by the author of the book, Dr. Aldis Pukitis, this edition has been released to help people understand what is happening with their own "digestive management" and to give valuable advice on the situation.


Deadline for abstract submission

Dear colleagues! We would like to inform you that because of the high interest, the deadline for the abstract submission is extended till 03. 11. 2019.  

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